Our story

Brand Story

Founded in 2019, Realdollzbeauty was created by a Jersey girl enrolled in a business program in New York City. Originally realdollzbeauty provided wigs and lash extension services, but in April 2023 it rebranded as a beauty and cosmetic care company. Today, Realdollzbeauty offers a range of beauty services and products, from styling and coloring to skincare and makeup. The company has a growing presence online, with a popular Instagram page and website. 

The Glow Gloss collection

Taking inspiration from her early 2000s life, Trulyy Alnisah created the Glow-Gloss Collection. A highlight of the Inspired project is the use of pinks and silvers to showcase the y2k theme. Drawing on her experiences with the popular trends of the early 2000s-- such as low-rise jeans, frosted lip gloss, and butterfly clips-- she used the distinctive pinks and silvers of the era to create an exclusive collection that celebrates the nostalgia of the time. Several consumers have praised the collection for its unique packaging and aroma. Utilizing these iconic colors and incorporating the popular trends of the early 2000s into the design, the Inspired project has a special energy that captures the spirit of the era. The packaging, aroma, and overall aesthetic of the collection have been praised for its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Symbolic of the era, the collection is a tribute to early 2000s fashion's influence on modern style.